Will Dan Andrews face senate over Commonwealth Games disaster?

The Victorian Premier is expected to be summoned by a Senate committee to explain the abrupt cancellation of the 2026 Games.

Will Dan Andrews face senate over Commonwealth Games disaster?
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Commonwealth Games cancelling Premier Dan Andrews could be called to front a federal parliamentary committee to explain himself.

Andrews stunned the world this month when he suddenly announced the 2026 Games would be binned due to cost overruns.

A Senate committee examining Australia’s Commonwealth and Olympic Games preparation is likely to want to hear from him, though it has no power to compel him to testify.

Federal opposition infrastructure spokeswoman Bridget McKenzie said the committee would be a chance for Andrews to “set the record straight” as to what really happened.

She said Andrews should “actually submit himself to accountability and transparency measures”.

“If he really backs his decision. This is his opportunity to show the wider Australian public why he made the right decision,” she told Sky News.

She warned that if Andrews did not explain himself there would be plenty of other people with stories to tell.

“We know that there are now a lot of people that have a unique perspective on what went wrong, where and why,” she said.

“When was this decision taken? What are the financial implications? They are the sorts of questions we need to be asking as a senate inquiry on behalf of federal taxpayers.

“The sovereign risk of this decision by Daniel Andrews has wide ranging implications far beyond the Commonwealth Games.”

Andrews said he wouldn’t be “dealing with completely hypothetical matters” when asked on Tuesday if he would agree to front the committee.

“I haven’t received an invitation,” he said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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