UNDERCOVER: Socialist conference in Ottawa INFILTRATED by William Diaz-Berthiaume

A few weeks ago, Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume went undercover at a Marxist event in Ottawa, Canada. Let’s take a look at how it went.

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Socialism, communism, Marxism — failed ideologies that adherents often defend by shouting “TRUE SOCIALISM HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED YET!”

Last month, Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume went undercover at a Marxist event. Let’s take a look at how it went.

Socialist Fightback, a Marxist student group hosted a pro-socialism conference in the nation's capital, Ottawa.

A rally where, according to the students, “The key task [was] to understand and organize,” and at the same time, generously, “chat with the Marxists” and “build the leadership the working class needs.”

Obviously, Marxism builds good leadership, we all know that’s what history has shown. Remember, the Soviet Union, Che Guevera, Fidel Castro… 

But that's the past. This is exciting, this is new, modern Marxism, the type of organized group that attracts attention from millions of people, right?

Before attending the event, Diaz-Berthiaume inquired about what the group planned on doing. “I wanted their honest answers, not what they were going to tell Rebel News,” he said. “So I had to ask my questions as one of them.”

He reached out to the organization under the name “Kyle” and Kristen, a representative of Socialist Fightback, the organization hosting the event, called him back! Kristen explained how the group is planning to indoctrinate the students at the University of Ottawa even further, as if the school wasn't already woke enough.

The vibe of the event wasn’t quite electric, however. 

“When arriving there, I had absolutely no clue what to expect, because while ‘Kyle’ seems to be one of those trans, woke, social justice warriors that attend these types of conferences… I don’t,” said Diaz-Berthiaume.

“So we entered the building and as you could see, it’s not fancy. They’re on a budget. Must be because selling the little socialist Marxist booklets, in a capitalist exchange of goods or services for cash, isn’t the most profitable activity in the world when you don’t believe in capitalism.”

The speakers arrived at a certain point, and began talking to the small crowd that had assembled.

The group addressed the Freedom Convoy, saying that it was a “coalition of anti-vax far-right conspiracy theorists.” The overweight masked Marxist also added that these individuals don’t understand the needs of the working class, since they are politically right-leaning. 

“Those people were truckers… but no, they don’t understand what workers really want and what the needs of the working class are. Only woke privileged career students with part time coffee shop jobs can understand the plight of the blue collar working class, not farmers and truckers,” Diaz-Berthiaume said in reaction to the comments. 

Then the group tackled the issue of revolution, praising the Bolshevik revolution and the movements led by Che Guevera. After that, the question period began, and that was when the triggering for the leftists in the room started.

To see everything that occurred, and why Rebel News’ undercover reporter was chased by a woke socialist, and what caused this group of radical leftists to become triggered, make sure to watch the whole story in the video above.

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