Women's rugby team protects pretend-female by pretending he's not the hardest hitter

Tommy 'Ash' Davis won the Fergus Highlanders men's Hardest Hitter award in 2022 but as David Menzies speculates, there might be more to Davis's failure to claim the women's award in 2023.

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They say that the first casualty of war is the truth.

And we have yet another example to prove that this is indeed the case, that in a time of war, propaganda is weaponized like a flamethrower in order to incinerate the truth.

By way of clarification, we’re not referring to what’s occurring with the Israel-Hamas war nor the Russia-Ukraine war. Rather, I speak of the ongoing war on women, wherein the foot soldiers are so-called “transwomen” (i.e., men pretending to be women) along with their idiotic and indoctrinated allies.

And the end-goal, it would seem, would be to eradicate bona fide females from women’s sports, women’s shelters, women’s prisons and other female safe spaces, all in the name of diversity.

By way of background, you may recall our report last summer regarding the Fergus Highlanders women’s rugby team. This club had acquired a biological weapon in the form of Tommy “Ash” Davis. That’s right. Contrary to World Rugby rules, this dude was playing against – and in some cases, injuring – real women.

But what’s really scary is that Mr. Davis played for the men’s club in Fergus in 2022. And not only that, at the end of the season, he was awarded the trophy for Hardest Hitter.

Well, the Fergus women’s rugby team recently had their awards banquet in which they doled out their 2023 trophies. Now we ask you this, folks: if you were a betting person, who would you think would snag the trophy for Hardest Hitter? Afterall, as they say in the sports business, Davis is the prohibitive favourite. And again, remember that he had won that very same trophy going up against other MEN in 2022.

So, surely going up against his female teammates would be akin to the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Thornhill Selects in a game of football.

Well, surprise! The winner of the Men’s 2022 Hardest Hitter award did NOT, we repeat, did NOT win the 2023 award as Women’s Hardest Hitter! Nope, that trophy, inexplicably, went to a bona fide female player on the club.

Look, we’re sure she’s a tough cookie and all that. But sorry, even though Tommy “Ash” Davis is a gender-bending grifter, he was surely robbed here.

So, the question arises: why didn’t Mr. Davis win the women’s Hardest Hitter award?

As they say in Vegas, the fix was in.

You see, a rugby insider tipped off Rebel News that giving the Hardest Hitter award to a female as opposed to a male was all about the team making a statement along the lines of: “You see! Men do NOT have inherent biological advantages over women when it comes to rugby. Because if so, Ash would’ve won the hardest hitter trophy — but he didn’t! Take that, you transphobe!”

Indeed, this stitch-up job is meant to send a message to all the detractors out there that a man can identify as a woman and play with women and contrary to popular belief — not to mention the science of biology — that a man has absolutely no advantage over a woman in full contact sports.

We’re not making this up.

And here’s how the Fergus Highlanders are spinning this propaganda: you see, the club’s two coaches went through an explanation that they were taking a different approach to the hardest hitter trophy this year. Which is to say, instead of handing out the silverware to the hardest hitter overall, the trophy would go to the player who delivered the most memorable hit. And apparently, Tommy Ash Davis was not responsible for that one super-duper awesome uber-standout tackle of 2023… even though some of the recipients of his tackles had to be taken off the field in stretchers.

We repeat: the first casualty of war is the truth.

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  • By David Menzies


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