14 truckers involved in the Coutts demonstration are exonerated from charges in TDF win

Lawyers found that the parking violation charges were unfounded as the alleged conduct did not relate to the law that the truckers were being persecuted under.

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Fourteen truckers who were facing charges in connection with Freedom Convoy protests in Coutts in early 2022 have had the charges against them dropped.

The truckers were facing parking violations under a law that was found to not apply to their alleged conduct.

“The truckers, who were all charged with parking violations, were exonerated after TDF’s lawyer pointed out that the law in question did not apply to vehicles parked in an urban area,” a press release by The Democracy Fund (TDF) reads.

The exonerated truckers were represented by Sean Mihalcheon of Williamson Law at no cost to them, through a TDF crowd-funding project that provides free legal defence for peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters called Trucker Law.

TDF is a Canadian charity dedicated to constitutional rights, advancing education and relieving poverty through the promotion of constitutional rights litigation and public education.

The Coutts demonstration was an Alberta specific peaceful protest against COVID-19 vaccination mandates and restrictions that coincided with the Freedom Convoy protest that took to Ottawa in January and February of 2022. The 18-day demonstration acted as a catalyst for the then premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, to begin lifting COVID-related restrictions.

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