'Actually you're wrong': Pierre Poilievre calls out CP reporter for asking him a misleading question

'I just hope you're not going to print something that you have to apologize for again,' Poilievre said to the Canadian Press reporter.

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Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra spoke about Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre answering questions from several reporters from mainstream media, including one from The Canadian Press, whose question was misleading.

After having finished asking Poilievre questions himself, Ezra pointed out that "all the mainstream media were here and not a single question was about the Jewish community or Hamas or terrorism or the announcement that Poilievre had just made."

Ezra added that there were actually two questions about why Pierre Poilievre doesn't support a carbon tax for Ukraine. Another question came from a Canadian Press journalist, asking him why he referred to the "bizarre car crash and explosion" at the border crossing yesterday as a possible act of 'terrorism.'

Pierre Poilievre answered by saying, "Actually, you're wrong. Are you CP? So CP, by the way, CP, just for everyone's knowledge did have to make three corrections for falsehoods that they put into a single article."

He continued:

I think that might be unprecedented.

I'm actually thinking about checking with the Guinness Book of World Records to see if there's ever been a news agency that has had to issue three corrections for patent falsehoods that they admit they had been made in one single article.

And now you've made yet another falsehood in your question. Where you are wrong is that CTV reported that the government of Canada was presuming that the incident was terrorist.

That's what I said in my remarks.

The CP reporter accused Poilievre of using the term "terrorism" in his statement. Poilievre then clapped back and said, "What I said, and I was right, was that there were media reports of a terror-related event. And that media report according to CTV, unless you're questioning their integrity now came from security officials in the Trudeau government."

"I just hope you're not going to print something that you have to apologize for again," Poilievre concluded.

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