‘Beginning the Great Reckoning’: Margret Kopala on governments starting to recognize the COVID response failures

Margret told Ezra about her article which says, ‘As much as governments, public health leaders, and official science want to avoid questions, others with courage and determination are digging in and finding answers including Canada's privately organized National Citizens Inquiry.’

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Margret Kopala to speak about her latest for C2C journal: The Virus, the Vaccine, the Victims: Beginning the Great Reckoning.

Margret told Ezra that when it comes to writing about such a controversial, heavily censored topic, she thinks she’s “in very good company, and in fact, wouldn't be writing about any of this at all if it wasn't thoroughly documented and thoroughly studied. And the people who are speaking about this… many of them are more credentialed than your average public health officer.”

Ezra asked Margret if other countries were holding inquiries into the pandemic response with the force of the law behind them, as the National Citizen’s Inquiry in Canada was a private initiative and lacked many of the powers that a government inquiry would have.

She responded:

No, there aren’t. In fact our own National Citizens Inquiry may be a a shining example of what everybody should be doing and aren't so far. That said, I will use the term used by Peter McCullough that, you know, the US is in a state of all near capitulation. I mean, as he puts it, we've finally got recognition that this virus resulted as a lab leak from Wuhan. I mean, just a bare months ago, this was considered conspiracy theory talk. We now know that they are going to, in fact, Congress has voted to re-release or declassify all of the documentation around US involvement in Wuhan. And what actually happened in Wuhan, all of that. We already know a lot about that by the way, because there are all kinds of people very knowledgeable and closely associated with what went on at Wuhan, have rewritten books about it. And you've got also a [vacine] withdrawal by the US. Nobody knows about this here. Certainly that it's not happening here. They have withdrawn the monovalent vaccines, the original two vaccines, the three vaccines, I guess they were. And nobody's doing that here though.

She explained that although many countries are starting to recognize the safety risks of the COVID vaccines, Canada is far behind.

Although the pandemic is not over, according to the WHO the emergency is over, not the pandemic itself. But you've got countries like Denmark as no longer offering the vaccine at all to anybody under 50. You've got states like Florida saying no, Children should not get it, teenagers should not get it. Even the WHO is saying that Children and teenagers should not be getting this vaccine. So you've got this steady progress Switzerland has, is just withdrawn it  from everybody saying no, don't take it. And in fact, I believe in some cases they're telling doctors that you can offer it, but you accept liability for taking it.

So, yeah, we are seeing some kind of a reckoning underway even though nobody's saying the word out loud. And in fact, it's happening everywhere, but of course, right here in Canada where it's only like in the last year or so, we finally got some safety data system up and running and we finally have a website from, from the government of Canada that, that gives us some statistics on what kind of injuries and and disabilities and what kind of problems have arisen around the vaccine. But these numbers were well to hand within the last over for more than a year in other countries.

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