'Canada has become almost this dystopian, futuristic nightmare': David Menzies joins Prime Time with Alex Stein

Mission Specialist David Menzies joined Blaze TV’s Alex Stein to discuss the latest on his coverage of Kayla 'Busty' Lemieux and the ongoing censorship Canadians face from PM Justin Trudeau.

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Rebel News’ David ‘The Menzoid’ Menzies joined episode 40 of ‘Prime Time with Alex Stein’ titled, 'FU to Fox News: Tucker Carlson Moves Show to Twitter!'

Menzies was introduced by Stein who was covered in mayonnaise from an earlier stunt in the show with his hood lawyer Cassady Campbell during which he was waterboarded with salad dressing on-air while their pitbull licked it off.

Stein inquired about the latest regarding the controversial shop teacher from the Halton District School Board who wears Z-cup prosthetic breasts to class and was recently put on paid leave.

David explained, “What they decided to do, if you can believe it, Alex, is they told them, just stay at home, collect your full salary and benefits, and hopefully this will go away.”

He continued, “He dropped a bombshell in February, Alex, which was to say those were not props. Those were not drag queen prosthetic breasts. Those are real mammary glands. Yeah, he has a very rare medical condition. So rare that there's not another single human male on the planet that has it. But never mind that he started developing these Z-cup breasts or Z-cup, as we say, south of the border. And you see, so he's now got no choice.”

Stein went on to ask about the rise of censorship in our dominion, worrying that the US will soon succumb to restrictions that Canadians see every day. Notably, there was recent news that the regulatory body overseeing the airwaves, the CRTC, is looking into banning Fox News.

Stein said, “It's kind of a blatant thing that's happening in Canada where, you know, in America it seems like we're a little more free than Canada, but I think we're on the same exact path. You know, you guys are just kind of the beta program of shutting down free speech and censorship."

"You look at what Trudeau's doing, you know, going after the mainstream media, they're making sure it's controlled, even trying to get Fox News taken off the airwaves in Canada. So, I mean, one, what was once a great place and I used to think it was all nice people and funny comedians. Now Canada has become almost this dystopian, futuristic nightmare that I hope America does not become,” the host added.

David noted the lack of rights Canadians have in comparison to American citizens.

“100% right Alex. And one thing we are lacking that you have, thank God you have it is the First Amendment right. Now, we just had passage of Bill C-11. This is the Trudeau government. They're going to have the power now to censor the Internet, the regulatory body, the CRTC, our version of the FCC, I suppose they've been weaponized.”

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