‘Cash cow fallacy’: Poorly managed LCBO monopoly manages to lose money

'It's like the Ontario government losing money on online gambling,' said Andrew Lawton.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies was joined by True North's Andrew Lawton to discuss how despite the LCBO having a monopoly on alcohol, its poor management has led to the Crown corporation actually losing money.

The LCBO is well known for providing generous salaries to employees. As suggested by Mr. Lawton, while many of the employees are very capable and kind workers, it's highly unlikely that liquor store owners would pay those same high wages if the industry was privatized.

As stated by David, "It is incredible. And I think one of the reasons, Andrew, especially if you look at the Sunshine List, you see so many cronies making high six figures working at the LCBO, working at the OLG. These are kind of like elephants' graveyards for loyal politicos to go to and get a nice comfy job."

He went on to say, "Why do we have provincial liquor monopolies? Why do we have provincial lottery monopolies? And with both entities, it comes down to this Andrew as you well know, social responsibility. 'You see if we were to allow potentially harmful products or money-draining products, products like lottery tickets, and we left that up to the private sector, well, the next thing you know you have 15-year-olds drinking Colt 45 in the parking lot. All the private sector cares about is making money. We at the government, you can trust us.'"

This is just an excerpt from last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show. To watch the whole episode and to gain access to all of our exclusive full-length shows, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

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