'Chaos, carnage and bloodshed': Ben Weingarten weighs in on Iran's recent attack on Israel

Last night on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by guest Ben Weingarten, Senior Contributor for The Federalist, to discuss Iran's latest attack on Israel over the weekend.

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Iran launched hundreds of ballistic missiles into Israeli airspace on Saturday, with nearly all intercepted by its Iron Dome defense system. The attack seemed aimed at minimizing casualties while maximizing spectacle.

Ezra Levant expressed concern that the recent massive rocket attack, despite its interception success rate, could be perceived as a significant conflict that Israel and its allies might take credit for. However, he worried that Israel may no longer have approval from the United States or the G7 countries to escalate tensions further with Iran or Hamas.

Ezra was joined by guest Ben Weingarten, Senior Contributor for The Federalist, to get his opinion on this topic.

Ben expressed agreement with Ezra's insights. He suggested that if the reporting is accurate and aligns with the longstanding Iran-first policy of the Obama-Biden and Biden-Harris administrations, it indicates a concerning coordination between the US and Iran.

Ben added that it's consistent with the idea that the US essentially co-ordinated with Iran about how it was going to attack, which is asinine on its face, by the way that America is coordinating the world's leading state sponsor of Jihad in an unprecedented assault, aerial invasion, territorial invasion of our purported closest ally in the region.

"And then also coordinate with Israel, Sunni Arab nations and others in the response to provide defense and capture most, though not all, of the drones and ballistic missiles launched at Israel to try to be able to claim some victory while also trying to appease the Iranians and then to end the whole thing right there," he said. "And that somehow, that constitutes a win and Israel should take the win and just accept now as normal, the fact that they can incur 300 plus ballistic missiles and drones being launched at a New Jersey sized country."

He continued:

Hezbollah itself, let's note did not really respond and engage, but they have hundreds of thousands of missiles and other projectiles that they can launch at Israel at any time.

When we know that Iran has flooded masses of munitions into Judea and Samaria to threaten Israel from that direction.

And then you have Iran and all of its other proxies as well. This aggression, this overt aggression, overwhelming aggression really began with Iran sponsored Hamas in Gaza.

Ultimately part of this is, this is in part about the Biden administration trying to further box Israel.

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