'Do you believe in God now?': Israeli man recounts escaping terrorist attack at music festival

Two Israelis hid under a tree for five hours after escaping the barbaric Hamas terrorist attack on a peace-themed music festival killing 260.

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On October 7 during a desert music festival in southern Israel, close to the Gaza border, terrorist group Hamas overwhelmed local authorities and massacred 260 attendees.

Hamas blocked the roads, using machine guns to murder people trying to escape. Many were kidnapped including foreigners.

Rebel News met with someone who managed to escape, running away from his car that was actively being shot.

Yoni, who claims he was never religious, puts on a kippah, claiming it was god who saved them.

Along with his friend, Yoni hid under a tree for five hours - silent. Terrorists were walking by and shooting. Two bombs went off beside the men, the first they feel they got lucky and the second they felt as if someone was watching over them.

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