FULL INTERVIEW: York Region police ticketing freedom protesters (UNCUT)

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The motto for the York Regional Police is “deeds speak.” And what a dirty deed we saw carried out last Sunday at Rutherford Marketplace in Vaughan, Ont.

Officer P. Gerulath was one of several York Regional Police officers at the plaza. He said his purpose in being there was “to educate” the demonstrators.

Lesson one: they apparently had no right to embrace their Charter rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the right to conduct a peaceful protest.

And officer Gerulath said he was basing his reasoning on… Section 1 of the Constitution! That’s right: this cop was using a perverse interpretation of a section of the Constitution in order to put the rest of the Constitution into a paper shredder.

Then again, that should come as no surprise. Because I know from bitter experience that the York Regional Police absolutely loathe other constitutional rights as well, such as freedom of the press.

Indeed, the last time I encountered York Regional Police officers at a public gathering it was back in January 2020.

That’s when an episode of Rogers Hometown Hockey was being broadcast in Vaughan. I dropped by that evening to interview ex-Coach’s Corner sidekick Ron MacLean. I wanted to know why he betrayed Don Cherry, who had recently been fired by the uber-woke jockstrap-sniffers running Sportsnet.

Even though I was on public property throughout, a bunch of censorious thugs wearing police uniforms actually pushed me around, and at one point put me in a headlock and a bear hug… apparently based on the belief that asking a celebrity like Ron MacLean insensitive questions is akin to a thoughtcrime.

In fact, their other rationale for physically detaining me was seemingly lifted from the sci-fi thriller Minority Report: they didn’t want me to hurt MacLean in the future! I know this sounds ludicrous, but it’s one of the reasons we have a lawsuit pending against the York Regional Police based on their actions that evening.

Unlike that night in January 2020 when I was manhandled under cloak of darkness between two tents, Sunday’s anti-lockdown protest took place under a sunny sky in an open parking lot, with plenty of witnesses recording the affair with their cell phone cameras. Amazing how that kind of oversight “modifies” police behaviour, in terms of them getting handsy…

Still, their verbal behaviour was both unintentionally funny and outrageous, with officer Gerulath advising people to protest “properly” — in other words, in their homes, via social media! He actually said that!

Meanwhile, those retailers lucky enough to be open at the plaza, such as Longo’s and the LCBO, were packed to the gills. But that was a case of nothing to see here, folks, move along, move along… go home and sit in front of your computers to exercise your democratic rights. (Note: this caveat does not apply to Black Lives Matter protests. If you’re down with BLM, the York cops won’t hinder you; rather, they’ll bend the knee with you in solidarity.)

And although Gerulath said his role at this anti-lockdown protest was to “educate” demonstrators, it turns out that one of the lessons was economic penalization. So it was that some of those in attendance who chose to ignore the lessons of Officer Friendly and instead decided to embrace their Charter rights were given $880 tickets.

Indeed: “deeds speak.”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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