'It's very possible in that particular tournament that there could have been male bodies colliding with female bodies'

On this episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Linda Blade, Author of Unsporting joined in on the discussion and commented on the NHL trans hockey league that left a woman concussed.

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The NHL posted a tweet that said: "Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Nonbinary identity is real."

"It's a bit of a weird thing for a hockey league to say, but I guess they're part of this whole woke world we're in and you've got to fly the rainbow flag or whatever colours are in it today," said Ezra. "Except I didn't know this."

Ezra also added that here is an NHL supported trans hockey league just for trans folks:

He continued:

And my first reaction, frankly, was, well, that's a good idea. So if that's men who identify as women, let them play against each other rather than cracking skulls of actual biological women. But then I learned that in fact, it was trans men and trans women all playing together. And actually it was a lot more dangerous than the NHL led on.

Joining us now via Skype from Edmonton to talk about this and other things about trans in sports is our friend Linda Blade and she is the co-author of Unsporting, a book that we published a few months ago about how trans ideologies colonizing women's sport.

Linda Blade, Author of Unsporting speaks commented on  the NHL trans hockey league and said:

Well, I only heard about it when I was reading it on Twitter, more or less like everybody else did. I didn't realize the NHL was supporting a trans hockey league. And I think it's sort of just an idea and principle that they seem to be trying. But this is like a, you know, a tournament where you get a bunch of your friends together and then you pick a team.

And what they did was apparently, from what I've read, was they just mixed the trans men and trans women and we can talk about what that means. But they've mixed basically people identifying as trans, no matter whether you actually were born female or male, and they mix them all into one big group and then they pick teams.

And so teams were, you know, it's very possible in that particular tournament that there could have been male bodies colliding with female bodies.

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