Patrick Brown be afraid, be very afraid…

'This is a wakeup call for all Bramptonians, that we need to vote on October 24th for leadership that is strong, accountable, and that's actually going to deliver results that Brampton has not received,' said Brampton mayoral candidate, Nikki Kaur.

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Last Saturday morning, the Nikki Kaur campaign for mayor of Brampton finally kicked off. 

Kaur is surely the biggest challenger when it comes to defeating Patrick Brown for the position of mayor. Indeed, Kaur is Sneaky Patrick Brown’s worst nightmare. She used to be a City of Brampton staffer with the Chief Administrative Office, but she was also a whistleblower.  

 Indeed, that seems to be the de rigueur way in which Brampton operates under Brown, a disgraced politician who is persona non grata with both the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and the Conservative Party of Canada. Brown is essentially the Pigpen character from Peanuts. Just like Pigpen, a dirty cloud follows Brown wherever he goes.

Speaking of dirty, the campaign kickoff for Kaur was supposed to happen two weeks ago, but something very disturbing occurred at 100 Peel Centre Dr., the locale of Nikki Kaur’s campaign headquarters. Just after 8:30 p.m., a car launched from its parking space outside the office, hopped a few curbs, and then smashed through a plate glass window causing considerable damage to the former TD Bank branch. The timing was certainly suspicious – just minutes earlier the last remaining campaign volunteers had left the building. Due to the severe damage, the campaign kickoff for Kaur had to be rescheduled.

But questions linger: Was this incident truly an accident – or was this a politically-motivated intimidation tactic directed as Ms. Kaur to make her bow out of the mayoralty race? After all, Kaur knows where all the skeletons are buried at Brampton City Hall; she knows who’s who in the Brampton political zoo. And Patrick Brown is not pleased that she’s running for mayor.

Alas, if this was a deliberate intimidation tactic, it was an epic fail. Nikki Kaur is now more determined than ever to bring regime change to the City of Brampton. And on Saturday, she attracted an overflow crowd of supporters to her campaign headquarters. Luckily, no wayward vehicles happened along.

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