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'This is dividing us all': Group 'Unified Grassroots' holds rally against Saskatchewan vaccine passport

On Saturday, October 2, Unified Grassroots held a peaceful concert and rally in a busy park in Saskatoon to try to bring light to the darkness.

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On October 1, Saskatchewan’s “Proof-of-Vaccination” policy came into effect.

This extremely strict policy requires proof of two doses of a COVID vaccine to enter restaurants, gyms, standalone liquor stores, cannabis shops and more. While this has been difficult for many to adjust to, a bigger challenge is how many employers will be enforcing this policy for employees across the public and private sector, including Crown corporation workers and even health care workers under the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA).

Generally, the employee must either show proof-of-vaccination or provide negative COVID tests on a weekly basis, often at the employee’s expense, without coverage from SK Health. There are limited private testing centres, and rapid tests can cost as much as $80 or more each.

This is putting a huge strain on low-income citizens, especially rural people who sometimes must travel more than two hours to a testing centre. No medical exemptions are offered, and natural immunity is not considered. This has led to a great deal of anxiety and division.

Enter: Unified Grassroots.

You may remember a recent Rebel News story about a group of concerned Saskatchewan parents standing up to their school board. This grew into a larger movement, and on Saturday, October 2, Unified Grassroots held a peaceful concert and rally in a busy park in Saskatoon to try to bring light to the darkness.

About 1,000 people from all walks of life showed up, filling the park with good conversation, good music and hope. Speakers included Nadine Ness (founder), Dr. Jon Ness (Nadine’s husband and family physician), lawyer Luke Coupal (involved in a joint injunction against the Saskatchewan government and a familiar face to Rebel viewers through his work on our Fight the Fines civil liberties project), professional cellist Christina Bakanec who lost her symphony position for not providing her vaccination status (and performed three hauntingly beautiful pieces) and a singer/pianist.

Unified Grassroots members have seen the rise in hatred and division between the unvaccinated and vaccinated, and aim to unify all Saskatchewan citizens, regardless of their differences, including race, gender, politics… and medical status. The group is growing steadily and they’re not done spreading their message of: “WE STAND FOR ALL!”

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  • By Ezra Levant

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