‘Vehicle-based protests not to enter the downtown core’: Ottawa Police Chief on future Freedom Convoys

The Ottawa Police states another convoy protest would not be allowed to occur in Ottawa the same way it has in February 2022.

‘Vehicle-based protests not to enter the downtown core’: Ottawa Police Chief on future Freedom Convoys
The Canadian Press / Justin Tang
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As the likes of James Bauder’s group, Canada Unity, attempt to organize a potential “Freedom Convoy 2.0”, Ottawa Police Service Chief Eric Stubbs says he won’t allow a repeat of the February 2022 protest. 

Stubbs said that "The Ottawa Police Service will not allow for the conditions that led to the unlawful protests seen in February 2022.” He declared so in a letter to the newly-elected mayor of Canada’s capital Mark Stuttcliffe and the Chair of the Ottawa Police Services board.

CTV News reports that Stubbs said police are planning "vehicle mitigation strategies" with tow trucks in the event of another convoy-style protest.

Stubbs also stated that the police liaison team is currently in touch with the individuals organizing Canada Unity’s “Freedom Convoy 2.0.”

"Vehicle-based protests will not be allowed to enter the downtown core or in areas of national significance and we will take appropriate action to preserve public safety within our community," the Ottawa police chief also wrote.

Stubbs was selected to be the chief of the Ottawa Police Service, replacing former interim chief Steve Bell, who himself replaced former chief Peter Sloly. 

Stubbs previously served in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

While Stubbs and the Ottawa police are preparing for a return of trucks to the nation’s capital, right-wing personality Andy Lee wrote on Twitter that the city chosen by the organizers will be released on Christmas Day.  

“I’m going to tell you - and I would know, because I meet with organizers weekly - the likelihood of the Freedom Convoy returning to Ottawa in February is very low at this point,” Lee claimed. 

The location, exact date, and duration of Bauder’s potential convoy to Ottawa in February 2023 are still very unclear. 

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