'Vigilante pedophile hunter' on Vancouver Island describes how predators sexually groom minors online

South Island Predator Publishing sets out to protect Vancouver Island’s youth through undercover sting operations that expose potential sexual predators attempting to lure minors.

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In today’s report, I interview Justin Bruce, a single father who dedicates hours of his time to exposing potential child predators in the Vancouver Island community.

Bruce started South Island Predator Publishing (SIPP) in early 2022 to run undercover sting operations that intercept would-be predators from meeting up with local minors.

The self-proclaimed "vigilante pedophile hunter" spends hours chatting with mostly male adults who approach a SIPP decoy pretending to be a youth online. If the individual becomes sexually inappropriate and attempts to lure the decoy into meeting up, they end up meeting Bruce instead, who's armed with a rolling cell phone camera so that the creep-catching moment can later be published online to his site, and used as evidence for the police should enforcement choose to investigate the matter.

"Any individual in my video is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law," Bruce routinely begins the videos he posts of SIPP exposing an individual. Bruce also requests that viewers do not harass or harm the individual in his videos should they come across them in public and inform law enforcement of any information they may have regarding a crime.

While most of the 25 individuals Bruce has caught red-handed have not ended up with criminal charges, Bruce has had some recent success when it comes to some form of justice being served.

For example, during an exclusive interview with Rebel News, which you can watch above, Bruce explains his role in a former principal of one of Vancouver Island's most prestigious private schools being banned from teaching.

In August 2022, a SIPP video posted on Facebook showed Bruce confronting Mark Louis Pierotti, who appears to have believed he was coming to meet a 15-year-old boy he had been sending sexual messages to instead. Pierotti was terminated from Aspengrove School near Nanaimo a few days later.

In July 2023, The British Columbia Teacher Commissioner Federation posted a consent resolution agreement that said Pierotti's conduct "undermined public confidence in the education system." The former principal was handed a 15-year teaching ban for grades kindergarten to grade 12.

Rebel News reached out to Nanaimo RCMP to determine whether or not a criminal investigation into this matter is still ongoing but did not receive a response by the time of publishing this report.

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