'Walk for Yes' rally participants called out after ignoring homeless indigenous man

Channel Seven's Peter Ford accuses rally participants of "pretending to care" about Aboriginal issues while marching past a homeless indigenous man in Melbourne.

'Walk for Yes' rally participants called out after ignoring homeless indigenous man
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Channel Seven entertainment reporter Peter Ford has slammed people marching in a ‘Yes’ campaign rally for walking straight past a homeless Aboriginal man.

He said ‘Walk for Yes’ participants were only “pretending to care” about the actual struggles of Aboriginal people.

It is estimated that 30,000 people marched through Melbourne's CBD on Sunday afternoon to promote the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

But Ford, who lives in Melbourne, tweeted that he had watched campaigners “ignoring a homeless Indigenous man” on the street, walking right by him.

“Fascinating to see an Indigenous homeless man outside Flinders Street Station this afternoon as hundreds - maybe thousands - of YES marchers walk right past him,” Ford tweeted.

“Nobody stopped to acknowledge him. Nobody gave him anything. Maybe it happened outside the 20 minutes I was watching.”

But marchers shot back that the showbiz reporter was hypocritical for not helping the man himself.

Ford responded by pointing out that, unlike marchers, he was not “holding signs pretending to care”.

He then erased his original tweet.

“Deleted earlier tweet only because I'm not in the mood for abuse on a lovely Sunday arvo. Sure hit a nerve!” he said.

“People clearly unfamiliar with Melbourne CBD and how many homeless people you sight on every block you walk. It was my observation. You don't like it - that's totally OK.”

Ford told people on social media that he is not going to vote at the referendum.

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