A clear sign of Canada's decline

Two contrasting incidents in health care serve as examples of Canada's continued decline, Ezra Levant says.

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Two contrasting incidents of health care serve as an example of the two extremes in Canada's medical system.

The first, in Quebec, saw a quadriplegic former truck driver spend four days on a stretcher when he was admitted to hospital. Because of the lengthy stretcher stay, the man developed a severe bedsore, ultimately opting for assisted suicide as a way out of the suffering he was experiencing.

Another incident in Ontario saw a court require doctors to craft a vagina for a man who wishes to keep his penis in tact — denying the surgery would infringe on the man's rights, the court ruled.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra looked at how far Canada's health-care system has fallen, and how deranged our government's priorities have become.

Expanding on how these types of flaws are emphasized in a purely public run health-care system, Ezra said the government's political priorities are playing far too important of a role, and we're all left watching on as things continue to decline:

That's the great thing about government-run health care, isn't it?

On the one hand, governments can sentence uncool people, like that truck driver, to death just by starving them of resources, letting them stay on a stretcher for 95 hours.

And the same government can muster extraordinary amounts of money, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars, for the bizarre political experiments — and don't you dare criticize, you bigoted transphobic racist.

Things are getting worse every day, aren't they?

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