ABC finance presenter goes off script with climate alarmist rant

Veteran news presenter deviates from finance segment to deliver a bizarre message about melting ice.

ABC finance presenter goes off script with climate alarmist rant
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ABC presenter Alan Kohler hijacked his own finance segment to warn viewers about catastrophic climate change on Monday night.

The veteran news presenter stunned viewers by deviating from his usual economic report to deliver an alarmist message about melting ice.

Kohler began his segment well enough, talking about mortgage rates and examining China’s economic outlook. But then he suddenly and unexpectedly switched to the weather.

“The extent of Antarctic Sea ice is at a new record low, quite a bit lower than last year's record low,” he said, as a graph appeared behind him.

“That's not finance yet, but it will be,” he said grimly as the segment concluded.

Kohler’s Greta Thunberg moment only lasted 15 seconds but left ABC viewers in raptures.

Climate change campaigner Sophie McNeill praised the reporting on social media as “brilliant”.

A second added: “Alan's the best. And he gets it.”

Another declared him a “national treasure”.

Some people messaged the ABC to say that climate change updates should be included in every news broadcast.

But not everyone was so easily impressed by some stats on the vicissitudes of ice.

“Stop with the climate crisis fear porn,” wrote one viewer, while another added, “Poor Alan, wrong on his major economic calls so he's taken on climate.”

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  • By Avi Yemini

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