ABC journalist crawls back to Twitter less than a week after announcing she was 'done' with the platform

After vowing to leave Twitter for Mark Zuckerberg's Threads app, Patricia Karvelas has returned to the platform..

ABC journalist crawls back to Twitter less than a week after announcing she was 'done' with the platform
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Less than a week after swearing off Twitter for good in favour of Mark Zuckerberg's new Threads app, ABC journalist Patricia Karvelas has returned to Elon Musk's platform.

Karvelas announced her departure from Twitter on Friday, in a tweet declaring that she was "done" with the platform, informing her left-wing audience that she could now be found on Threads instead.

However, after just a few days, the ABC Radio National host had suddenly reappeared on Twitter – advising that she would resume posting daily there again – still attempting to save face by stating that "if you want proper engagement I’m at the other place".

The mainstream media has touted Threads as a 'Twitter-killer' candidate, breathlessly declaring that the Meta-owned platform was the fastest growing social media website to launch with "100m sign-ups in less than five days".

Critics, however, quickly pointed out that the vast majority of sign-ups were existing users from Meta's other social platforms Facebook and Instagram.

Journalists in particular have been unhappy with Musk's management approach at Twitter, especially after the Big Tech billionaire revoked the sacred blue checkmark from their ranks unless they paid a monthly fee alongside other users who are now eligible for verification.

Despite claiming that Threads had better engagement than Twitter, Karvelas had only managed to gather less than 7,000 followers on the platform, compared to her established Twitter account which boasts almost 160,000 followers.

The ABC host has made a name for herself as one of the country's more divisive left-wing journalists, using her social media platforms to push controversial opinions which have brought concern over her lack of impartiality while working at the country's taxpayer-funded national broadcaster.

Earlier this year, the ABC cautioned Karvelas for showing bias in a tweet she posted on the night of the federal election in May last year when she referred to Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney as a "legend" and stated that she would be the next minister for Indigenous Affairs.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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