Aboriginal 'warriors' plan to disrupt Queen's day of mourning

Group targets Australia's National Day of Mourning for Queen

Aboriginal 'warriors' plan to disrupt Queen's day of mourning
WAR's promotional material includes imagery of the Queen with her eyes crossed out. Instagram / warrevolt
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A radical indigenous group aims to disrupt Australia's National Day of Mourning for Queen Elizabeth II in Brisbane next week.

The group, Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, plans to take to the streets on the newly-announced public holiday to make a stand against 'racist colonial imperialism'.

"This is a stance against the continued crimes committed against marginalised First Nations, black, brown and Asian communities. We do not support benefactors or Stolenwealth (sic) and demand justice, truth and accountability for all. Justice for all," the group posted to its Facebook page, which boasts more than 61,000 followers.

The group, also known as WAR, launched before the 2014 G20 summit in Brisbane and is defined as "young Aboriginal people committed to the cause of decolonization (sic) and Aboriginal Nationalism," according to its published manifesto. 

As the world mourns the death of the Queen and celebrates her 70 years of service to Commonwealth nations, including Australia, fringe activism groups have increased their calls for action on social media with left-wing personalities signal-boosting discontent.

WAR has also been a driving force behind the push to abolish Australia Day, with the group claiming it celebrates 'illegal occupation' and that there is an ongoing conspiracy to 'exterminate aboriginal people'.

The group also moved to recruit various other social causes, such as refugees and asylym seekers, the LGBTQ+community as well as homeless and disabled people under its banner to amplify messaging.

WAR was also a key driver of Australia's participation in US-led Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd in 2020.

The group has grown with the support of universities and left-wing academics.

“Along with many other Aboriginal people, I experienced a lot of racism and derision around raising the fact that we weren’t celebrating the reign of the previous monarch, Queen Elizabeth II,” Macquarie University's Sandy O’Sullivan told AAP.

“For many it’s because during that reign there was little that she did to reset that relationship, to make reparations and to speak out.”

WAR's charter of principles has the stated aim of 'destroying the Australian colonial state and restoring tribal sovereignity' and rejects Australian citizenship as part of its overall goal of 'Aboriginal Nationalism'.

The group is also planning protest activity outside Parliament in Canberra and at Sydney's Town Hall on Thursday.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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