Antifa assaults Seattle cop with metal baseball bat, throws bombs

Antifa assaults Seattle cop with metal baseball bat. Antifa also threw a bomb
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Antifa militants assaulted police during riots in Seattle on late Wednesday night, one of whom wielded a metal baseball bat and swung it at a bike officer’s head.

Rioters threw explosives at police officers and cut wires to surveillance cameras to hide their violence.

Footage of the vicious assault shows a mob of laughing rioters surrounding a police officer whom they pushed off his bicycle. One of the protesters is seen throwing an orange traffic cone at the officer, forcing him to defend himself with pepper spray as he’s attacked from behind by another rioter armed with a baseball bat and struck in the head, narrowly surviving thanks to his helmet.

The rioter, seen in a full-face helmet and body armor, swung the bat to the back of the stranded officer’s face.

The officer survived the blow and used more pepper spray to disperse the mob before escaping with his bicycle to the safety of the police line ahead of him.

Seattle police released images of the officer’s helmet, which was cracked inside and out.

The attacked officer was part of a team of bike-mounted police officers who were pelted with bottles and rocks by Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters who moved throughout the city to protest the verdict in the Breonna Taylor case.

“Around 10:45 PM a protester approached the East Precinct and threw an explosive that went through a roll-up gate and exploded near waiting bike officers. A few minutes later additional people cut wires powering the security cameras to the precinct,” stated Seattle police.

“Officers identified the individual who threw the explosive and attempted to arrest the person. As a group off bike officers attempted to make the arrest they were then assaulted with bottles and rocks. Police deployed pepper spray and blast balls in an attempt to create space between the officers and the protestors.”

Seattle police state that the officer was one of multiple officers injured in the riot but did not detail his condition. The suspect remains at large, police said. In total, 13 people were arrested at the riot.

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