Aussie couple threatened with arrest for wearing Australian flags on Australia Day

A Melbourne couple have expressed shock and disappointment after being bizarrely confronted by police for wearing Australian flags on Australia Day.

Aussie couple threatened with arrest for wearing Australian flags on Australia Day
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Frank Strazdins and Di Thorley, who adorned themselves with Australian flags while strolling through Melbourne on January 26, were surprised when a police officer threatened them with arrest during an 'Invasion Day' protest.

Strazdins, recounting the incident on The Bolt Report, said:

"Within two minutes, a police officer approached me and said, 'You are under arrest for inciting a riot.'"

Despite having worn the flags all day without incident, the couple found themselves facing accusations of incitement due to the flags on their heads.

Strazdins shared the positive reception from the public, feeling like "movie stars" as people sought photographs throughout the day.

The situation took a turn when they encountered the police officer near the protest, leading to a tense exchange.

The officer eventually backed off after realising the couple was unaware of the nearby gathering.

The incident left Strazdins rattled, expressing disappointment at being targeted while celebrating Australia Day.

Social media erupted with criticism, with many expressing disbelief and calling it a "disgrace" that wearing the national flag could lead to such confrontation.

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