Aussie PM and climate minister slammed after taking separate private jets to 'green' announcement

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Chris Bowen's separate private jet usage to launch solar energy scheme called into question.

Aussie PM and climate minister slammed after taking separate private jets to 'green' announcement
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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen are under scrutiny for their use of two separate private jets during a recent trip to the Hunter Valley.

The controversy sparked after the presence of two Dassault Falcon 7X Jets at Scone airport was revealed ahead of a touted funding announcement for solar panel manufacturing.

While the Solar SunShot program announcement was made at the former Liddell power station, Mr Albanese and Mr Bowen arrived separately on RAAF jets.

Flight data revealed Mr Albanese's jet left Canberra, reaching Scone in under 40 minutes before continuing to Newcastle and then Canberra. Mr Bowen's jet followed a similar route, departing Canberra slightly earlier and returning just before the Prime Minister.

Liberal Senator Dave Sharma criticised the expenditure, questioning its alignment with responsible use of taxpayer funds. Similarly, Senator Jacqui Lambie emphasised the need for transparency, especially considering the government's election promises.

Responding to the backlash, Energy Minister Chris Bowen claimed that 'logistical constraints' necessitated the separate travel arrangements due to the small runway at Scone airport. He defended the 'standard practice' of Prime Ministers travelling with RAAF for 'security reasons.'

The incident adds fuel to ongoing debates about politicians' expenditure. Recent data from the Defence Department showed substantial expenses incurred by various government officials on special purpose flights, reigniting discussions about fiscal responsibility and transparency within the government.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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