WATCH: Avi Yemini calls out cops over handling of violent parliament protest incident

Rebel reporter tells Sky News host there is 'no equivalence' between violent Palestinian protesters and a Jewish journalist simply asking questions.

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Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini has called out Victoria Police's handing of an incident outside the Victorian Parliament in an interview with Sky News host Sharri Markson.

Tensions flared as Palestinian protesters turned violent, with Rebel News footage capturing verbal threats and intimidation aimed at Avi directly in front of parliamentary officers.

The incident, which has garnered attention globally, saw Avi attempting to interview demonstrators, only to be met with immediate hostility.

The scene quickly escalated, with one individual hurling a glass bottle towards Avi and security guard Daniel, as well as making threats of physical harm.

Avi told Sharri that the threats were not only directed towards himself but also towards his family members, including threats of sexual assault and murder.

Despite the presence of police officers at the scene, their response appeared inadequate, with Avi describing them as overwhelmed and chaotic.

"It was chaos," he remarked. "They were holding their pepper spray, pointing it in all directions, didn't know where to shoot at."

Avi highlighted the disparity in treatment between journalists like himself simply doing their jobs and violent protesters. He criticised the police response, particularly their decision to "separate the groups" as if there were an "equivalence" between a journalist and aggressive demonstrators.

The incident comes in the wake of escalating global tensions surrounding the Israel-Hamas conflict, with demonstrations and rallies taking place worldwide. 

Avi also pointed out in the lack of local media attention to such incidents, contrasting it with the significant coverage received internationally.

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