Aussie PM mocked after old tweet boomerangs to haunt him

Past comments come back to haunt Anthony Albanese amid soaring fuel costs and cost-of-living crisis.

Aussie PM mocked after old tweet boomerangs to haunt him
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A resurfaced tweet from 2021 criticising soaring petrol prices under former PM Scott Morrison's regime has boomeranged back to haunt current Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

The tweet, on the platform now known as X, lambasting Morrison's handling of petrol prices at $1.79 per litre, gained fresh attention when current petrol costs hit an alarming $2.37 per litre.

Opposition leader Pauline Hanson seized the opportunity, echoing Albanese's words, questioning if he had recently visited a petrol station.

Social media erupted, with some ridiculing Albanese and others defending him, highlighting the global factors contributing to the surge. 

NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury explained the unprecedented rise, attributing it to global decisions by Russia, Saudi Arabia, and OPEC to withhold production, driving prices unnaturally high.

Khoury predicted the trend would persist due to prolonged production cuts, intensifying Australians' financial woes amid an ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

As the nation grapples with record-breaking petrol prices, Albanese finds himself caught in a political whirlwind, facing scrutiny for a past criticism that has now circled back to haunt him.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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