Aussies slam appointment of nation's 'woke' new Governor-General

PM faces backlash over the appointment of a left-wing climate change and gender equity advocate as King Charles' representative to Australia.

Aussies slam appointment of nation's 'woke' new Governor-General
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The Australian government is facing a wave of backlash on social media over the appointment of a left-wing 'climate change and gender equity advocate' as the nation's new Governor-General.

The appointment by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has sparked heated debates, with many expressing concerns about the politicisation of the position, which serves as Australia's representative to the King.

A post on X by Gideon Rozner however highlighted that while many Aussies expressed discontent at the news, the appointment came as no surprise.

"Well, I must say that given what we know about the King’s private political views, this Sam Mostyn may very well be quite an apt representative of him," he wrote.

The backlash on social media reflects a broader sentiment among the public who are critical of the appointment, with many echoing similar sentiments.

They argue that the appointment politicises the role, which traditionally has been seen as a non-partisan position. They contend that the Governor-General should represent all Australians, not just those who share the 'woke' political views of the government of the day.

Some users have pointed out the potential for conflict of interest, given Mostyn's background in climate change and gender equity advocacy.

"Australia's next G-G in the spotlight. In terms of substance, the prime minister has brought shame on our nation in this divisive appointment, basically we now have a #Woke HR bureaucrat anti monarchist as Governor General," one user posted.

Meanwhile, left-wing supporters of the appointment claimed that it represented a step forward for diversity and inclusivity.

"Congratulations to Sam Mostyn on her appointment as the next Governor General of Australia. I'm enjoying both the unhinged meltdown from the worst people in response, and the prospect of fewer renditions of 'You are my Sunshine'," another user posted.

The controversy has reignited debates about the role of the Governor-General and the expectations of impartiality and representation.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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