Australian PM claims Elon Musk is 'out of touch' over censorship demands

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says that Australians 'overwhelmingly' support the government's censorship agenda as he ignites a verbal spar with Musk.

Australian PM claims Elon Musk is 'out of touch' over censorship demands
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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese found himself in a heated exchange of words with billionaire Elon Musk amidst a contentious debate over online censorship.

The feud ignited after Australia's 'censorship czareSafety Commissioner demanded that Musk's platform, X, remove 'distressingcontent depicting the stabbing of a bishop at a church in western Sydney.

Albanese boldly claimed that “Overwhelmingly Australians want misinformation and disinformation to stop,” in his justification for his censorship stance, which has relative bipartisan support in the nation.

In response, X vehemently opposed the directive, vowing to challenge it legally, labelling it as "unlawful and dangerous."

Albanese, seizing the opportunity, blasted X for its refusal to comply with the censorship agenda, drawing Musk's attention.

Musk mockingly thanked the Prime Minister for highlighting X as "the only truthful platform.He further ridiculed the situation with a satirical post, insinuating that X stood for free speech and truth, contrasting it with other social media platforms accused of censorship.

In retaliation, Albanese lambasted Musk as "out of touch,accusing him of prioritising ego and violence over common sense and decency.

He denounced Musk's disregard for Australian law and public sentiment, claiming the impacts of 'distresscaused by the dissemination of 'violent content.'

The verbal sparring intensified following a Federal Court injunction in favour of the eSafety Commissioner, requiring X to temporarily remove the contentious posts.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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