B.C. gym forces unvaxxed single mom to pay for membership she's not allowed to use

Fitness World in Surrey, British Columbia is refusing to issue a full refund, and is demanding a single mother pay half of her remaining dues.

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A Surrey, B.C. Fitness World gym is putting a single mother in a difficult financial position, due to her religious and personal reasons for not being inoculated for COVID-19.

Sure, some businesses may make themselves feel better about enforcing discriminatory rules upon their customers by saying, ‘the government made me do it.' But Fitness World is taking things to a whole other level, by forcing those who can no longer enter their facility to pay 50 per cent of their membership fees anyways.

The company is attempting to justify the un-empathetic decision by referring to its original contract. The mother, who prefers we call her Fe, was told that the agreement she signed was non-cancelable, and that she would be required to pay half of her dues until January 2022. Yet nothing in the original contract signed by Fe states that she would have to declare her medical status, or undergo a novel medical procedure in order to use the facility.

We reached out to Fitness World for a statement and received no response back. But you can watch this full report to hear Fe’s story and watch me try to get some answers from that location's manager.

There are many times in history when governments promoted segregation and discrimination, and a question of interest is, why did so many people comply with it? If you are just as concerned about the rapid rollout of vaccine mandates and passports, you can help join our fight against them, in partnership with The Democracy Fund, by donating what you can at FightVaccinePassports.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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