BUSTED! The biggest media LIE in Melbourne this week exposed

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Last week, the mainstream media were doing their best to demonise the orthodox community for daring to gather to "illegally worship" on one of the holiest days on the Jewish calendar.

The media fabricated a vile lie that no one has bothered to question.

A cameraman working for Channel 9 and ABC was allegedly struck on the head by a vicious Jewish worshiper outside a Melbourne synagogue.

The story seemed weird to me because I grew up in that neighbourhood, and you can call that lot a bunch of things, but violent isn't one of them. They don't have a violent bone in their bodies.

That didn't stop the story somehow from making it to the highest office of the state.

Not much is for certain these days, but one thing you can always bet on is Daniel Andrews jumping on any opportunity to shift the focus and blame someone else.

So what really happened that night?

Well, when I asked locals, they denied the attack.

And then someone sent me the footage of the "violent incident"—you need to watch and share it.

A week later, the media camped back outside the same synagogue for the holiest day of the Jewish year, so I thought I'd ask them about what happened.

It was one big defamatory lie.


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