Calgarians react to the unvaxxed being denied lifesaving organ transplants

Sheila Annette Lewis, an Albertan woman is being denied a procedure that could save her life just because she chose to reject an experimental mRNA injection.

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Alberta’s Health Minister Jason Copping is adopting the Alberta Court of Appeal's ruling to deny a woman an organ transplant as she did not have her COVID-19 vaccine. A transplant which doctors told her she will die without.

Alberta Health Services have made the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for eligibility, but Sheila Annette Lewis refuses to be injected against it.

The Court of King's Bench argued that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has no status when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine requirement. In response to this, Lewis, alongside with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) took the case to the Court of Appeal of Alberta. Her lawyer asserted that the vaccine mandate was going to lead her to death by denying her a chance at a life-saving procedure.

Sadly, to say, once again, Sheila Anette Lewis was shut down.

Lawyers for Alberta Health Services declared that the decision had been made by a clinical team who must make determinations about who is most in need and who has the best chances of survival. Very evidently, it seems that this clinical team and AHS did not include or consider the data from other medical experts which sway away the effectiveness and the safety of the COVID-19 injection.

When COVID-19 first hit, our health officials were like a broken record reinforcing that we must “save lives.” Nevertheless, they refused to point out that to them, “saving lives” includes discriminating against those who chose not to inject themselves with a never before mRNA injection.

While AHS is sentencing the unvaccinated who need organ transplants to death, our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pushing for medically assisted suicide on those who are suffering from depression or cannot afford to survive in society. It’s as though the people and the systems that are meant to help take care of us are pushing to the extremes of helping Canadians die instead.

Alberta’s new Premier Danielle Smith is amending the Alberta Human Rights Act to make sure that Albertans aren’t being discriminated against based on medical choice.

The announcement follows up Smith’s early announcement in her leadership that those who didn’t get vaccinated for COVID-19 are the “most discriminated-against group” she has seen in her lifetime.

I'm sure many Alberta’s who are terminally ill and chose to refrain from taking this injection are hoping that they will be placed back on their rightful spots on the waiting lists for their medical procedures with this amendment. Now if our premier sticks to her word, we can hopefully get back to “saving all lives” like it should have always been.

I decided to take this story and get some reactions from Calgarians and find out how they feel about this court ruling and the decision by AHS.

If you would like to help Sheila Annette Lewis and others fight back against medical discrimination, please visit and sign the petition.

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