Canada Revenue Agency uncovers ‘disturbing’ ties between Muslim Association of Canada leaders and Hamas support network

The Muslim Association of Canada receives millions of dollars in taxpayer funds each year.

Canada Revenue Agency uncovers ‘disturbing’ links between Muslim Association of Canada leaders and Hamas support network
Facebook/ Muslim Association of Canada
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A counter-terrorism team within the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has uncovered alarming links between leaders of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) and a Hamas support network.

As reported by La Presse, a CRA employee responsible for auditing the MAC's finances said in an affidavit that "The involvement of directors/employees in an apparent network of support for Hamas is troubling."

During the auditing of the organization, government employees were reportedly shocked to discover that 12 individuals who have held senior positions within the MAC are former members of Hamas-linked groups or had significant ties to them.

Hamas has been designated as a terrorist entity by the Government of Canada.

The audit reportedly revealed that a MAC school in Montreal once employed a man named Mohamed Zrig as an administrator. Zrig "was denied refugee status in Canada because of his complicity in a series of crimes in Tunisia, including bombings, arson, throwing acid in the face of citizens and plotting political assassinations."

The MAC strongly denies that it has any ties to terrorism or extremism, and has called the CRA's audit "Islamophobic." The organization said in a statement that "from its start, the Audit has been tainted by systemic bias and Islamophobia."

The MAC also reportedly has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organization founded in Egypt that aims to implement Sharia law. A leader of the MAC was at one point a personal adviser to Mohamed Morsi, the former president of Egypt who was also a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Furthermore, the CRA uncovered concerning statements and messaging from leaders of the MAC. As reported in La Presse, "The officials cite a speech at an assembly that talked about forcing women to offer sex on demand to their husbands or they would be damned. In another statement, it spoke of 'killing Zionists.' The IRS also noted that a MAC leader in Ontario retweeted Hamas posts 34 times on his Twitter account."

In terms of donations, the audit revealed that the MAC received $2.5M from a Qatari charity that is part of the "Union of Good," an "umbrella fundraising organization" designated as a terrorist group by the U.S. government. The U.S. government says that "The leadership of Hamas created the Union of Good in late-2000, shortly after the start of the second Intifada, in order to facilitate the transfer of funds to Hamas."

The MAC continues to defend its actions and claim that the auditing is a result of Islamophobia and systemic biases.

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