Canada to expand assisted suicide program, Sheila Gunn Reid joins Laura Ingraham to speak out

'This is especially challenging for people who are experiencing mental illness,' said Sheila.

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Last night, Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid joined Fox News' Laura Ingraham to discuss Canada's alarming expansion of the medical assistance in dying program (MAID).

The program is soon slated to include potentially treatable mental illnesses as conditions that can justify approval for MAID.

As stated by Sheila, "Canada's blowing right past Scandinavia in our quest to hit the bottom of the slippery slope faster than everybody else. And we've heard this mantra before, they told us this about abortion, that medical assistance in dying would be safe, rare, and only in the most dire of circumstances. But, as with abortion, we know that's not true."

"Right now we know at least 10,000 people per year in Canada are receiving medical assistance in dying, it's right up there with our Covid death numbers. But we can't really know for sure because there are some medical associations that are advising doctors to not record medical assistance in dying as the reason for the death," Sheila added.

Visit and sign our petition to show that being poor, sick, or depressed should not be a death sentence.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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