Canada-wide protest against gender ideology ‘1MillionMarch4Children’ covered by Rebels

The nationwide protest continues from last month’s huge turnout of thousands of concerned parents of different faith groups uniting to protect their children from the ongoing sexual indoctrination in school, despite Antifa, union and far-left counter protests.

Canada-wide protest against gender ideology ‘1MillionMarch4Children’ covered by Rebels
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TODAY on Saturday, October 21, 2023, thousands are heading out to demonstrate in dozens of participating cities from across the country to send a message that they don’t stand for the continued sexual indoctrination being forcibly taught to their impressionable kids in the once trusted school educational system.

Rebel journalists nationwide are heading into the field as several major cities are taking to the streets marching and protesting.

Drea Humphrey in British Columbia!

Adam Soos and Sydney Fizzard in Calgary, Alberta!

Tamara Ugolini and Efrain Monsanto in Toronto, Ontario!

Alexa Lavoie and Guillaume Roy in Montreal, Quebec!

Please see all our LIVE footage that is being released through-out the day below:

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  • By Tamara Ugolini


Fill out the form on this page to send an email directly to the Ministers of Education of Canada's provinces and territories demanding they intervene to protect our kids from radical woke ideology, sexualization and grooming.

Stop Classroom Grooming!

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