Canada's COVID marketing freshened up to show “diversity,” “intergenerational relations”

Canada's COVID marketing freshened up to show “diversity,” “intergenerational relations”
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Emails from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) show that staffers recommended a new COVID-19 website banner image because it displayed “diversity and intergenerational relations”.

The NRC is a Government of Canada agency under Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development François-Philippe Champagne.

On September 2, 2020, NRC staffer Marie-Eve Letourneau emailed Roger Scott-Douglas, Ph.D., to seek approval for the new marketing materials. The new materials were prepared in response to a wider change to the “look” of government COVID-19 “marketing and communications products.”

The following email included fellow NRC staffers Christine Aquino and Matthew Ellis.

SUBJECT: FOR YOUR APPROVAL: New COVID-19 look for VTF Banner on webpage

Good day Roger,

As you are well aware, the Government of Canada recently changed to the COVID-19 look for its marketing and communications products.

On the VTF webpage, we currently have, as part of the COVID-19 banner, a microscopic image of the coronavirus: . This looks needs to be changed. I’ve attached for your approval five photo options to replace the older version.

Recommended option:

I would recommend choosing the last photo attached to this email as it shows diversity and intergenerational relations.

With the approved photo, our Creative Services will also develop PPT and Word templates, should you require them.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you,

Scott-Douglas, secretary of the NRC's COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force returned the email with his approval, tagging in two more NRC workers, Marita Kerr and Cathryn Steel.

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