Canada's foreign minister owes million-dollar mortgages to the Bank of China

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we looked at the news that Canada’s foreign minister François-Philippe Champagne literally owes the Chinese government more than a million dollars.

According to The Globe and Mail:

Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne has two registered residential mortgages with the state-owned Bank of China in London, which the opposition says opens him to ”personal financial vulnerability” at a time when relations with Beijing are at a standstill. (...)

The mortgages were initially valued at $1.7-million, and the current balance is $1.2-million.

Champagne is Trudeau’s pro-Beijing foreign minister.

You’ll probably remember him from the disgraceful moment when he refused to thank Taiwan for making a huge donation of clean, hygienic, high-quality face-masks to Canada.

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