Canada’s “weirdo” foreign minister owes over $1M to a Chinese government bank. What could go wrong?

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Francoise-Philippe Champagne is Trudeau’s pro-Beijing foreign minister.

You’ll probably remember him from the disgraceful moment when he refused to thank Taiwan for making a huge donation of clean, hygienic, high-quality face-masks to Canada.

Instead, he thanked “all the countries” who had given Canada masks. But only the U.S., China and Taiwan did — and China’s were shoddy, dangerous even. But Champagne just wouldn’t say the word "Taiwan," because China hates Taiwan, and China takes the point of view that Taiwan isn’t even a real country, because China keep threatening to reconquer it.

Champagne is so obedient to China, even now, he just wouldn’t even say the word "Taiwan." What a weirdo.

What do they have on this guy? I don’t know. Or maybe he’s just ideologically in the tank for Communist China, like his execrable boss, Justin Trudeau.

Well, would you look at this big story in the Globe and Mail:

Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne has two registered residential mortgages with the state-owned Bank of China in London, which the opposition says opens him to ”personal financial vulnerability” at a time when relations with Beijing are at a standstill. (...)

The mortgages were initially valued at $1.7-million, and the current balance is $1.2-million.

So Canada’s foreign minister literally owes the Chinese government more than a million dollars.

But here’s my favourite part:

Mr. Champagne said he had a temporary work permit for the United Kingdom and was unable to get a loan from a British bank.

Really? A senior executive for a multinational construction company, an extremely wealthy man, couldn’t get a mortgage in London, the financial capital of the world, in many ways even more so than New York or Hong Kong?

Say, do you think there are any Liberal MPs — or even cabinet ministers — who have loans from other dictatorships, like Iran or North Korea even?

I know — that would be crazy, right? It would never happen...

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