Catherine McKenna champions yelling for International Women's Day

Catherine McKenna champions yelling for International Women's Day
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Catherine McKenna celebrated International Women's Day this weekend with a choice tweet quoting Pakistani female education activist Malala Yousafzai.

Malala, then a teenager, survived a shot to the head by a Taliban gunman looking to assassinate her back in 2012.

So what quote did the Liberal McKenna, Minister for the laptop-losing, mileage-mishandling Infrastructure Department choose to highlight?

The one about Catherine's favourite political trick: Yelling.

Last year, McKenna's Twitter team posted a video (volume warning!) of an intoxicated McKenna taking her Screech-in literally at a Newfoundland bar while she explained the virtues of yelling to get your point across.

But McKenna — formerly the Environment Minister — wasn't done with International Women's Day after the Malala tweet. She then moved on to another praiseworthy subject: Herself, and her team.

You paid for that, by the way:

At any given time, McKenna employs between 24 and 31 social media staffers on the taxpayer's dime.

Then, for good measure, McKenna tweeted a love note for Bloomberg-busting Democratic drop-out Elizabeth Warren.

Finally, McKenna's team released a nice photo with a bunch of other women without further explanation. They're women, it's International Women's Day, so the photo is on brand, right? 

Since McKenna's helpful gaggle of staffers chose to tag Greta Thunberg (not pictured) in the picture, we can assume this photo has something to do with spending money on fixing climate change, and possibly more yelling.

McKenna is the gift that keeps on giving. We're still grateful for that shout-out back in 2017.

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