CBC Kids follows company policy in calling actual terrorists 'militants'

CBC's for-kids coverage of the Hamas-Israel war has gone out of its way to preach blatant moral equivalency: 'Both sides have used violence to protect themselves.'

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Last weekend Gaza-based Hamas terrorists set upon a wave of murder, arson, beheadings, shootings, beatings, kidnappings, rapes and immolations against Israeli civilians.

At least 1300 people were killed, thousands more were injured, and hundreds more are held hostage in Gaza, as human shields. Textbook terrorism.

And yet, news broke in a leaked email that it was CBC editorial policy not to refer to Hamas as terrorists. Look at this:

A leaked email allegedly from CBC’s director of journalistic standards says journalists should refrain from referring to Hamas gunmen as ‘terrorists’.

An email circulating on social media appears to show CBC’s director of journalistic standards, George Achi, telling journalists to “use fact-based language” and not to refer to “militants” as terrorists.

Hamas is currently designated as a terrorist organization by the Government of Canada.

Despite these unprecedented attacks, CBC’s director of journalistic standards also purportedly instructed journalists to not describe 2005 as “the end of the occupation.”

Speaking further about not using the word terrorist, the director wrote that “terrorism remains heavily politicized.”

So, what are they doing over at CBC Kids? Well the same, refusing to call terrorists by their name. I saw this on X from Stephen Taylor.

I checked that kids' article. Here is what the CBC article for kids says about the war:

"The latest violence started Saturday morning. A Palestinian militant group called Hamas attacked Israel by air, land and sea.

Militants are groups of people who often use aggressive or violent actions in support of a cause."

Not terrorists. Militants.

They list a million ways to help Gaza, and literally none on how to help Israelis - who were the victims. They never list the number of Israelis displaced from border communities. But they do for Gaza.

Then I clicked on the CBC's Gaza-Israel conflict explainer video to see how much worse it would get. CBC never lets me down that way.

Their explanation video starts Israel's history in 1897, when, I guess, some Jews were built in a lab and then dropped from the sky into the Holy Land after never existing there before. What even is the Bible or archaeology?

The video also claims Israel sparked several wars, not that they were attacked hours after declaring independence (1:40 in the video).

The video never explains why Gaza was blocked or turned over to the Palestinians entirely. CBC makes it seem like Israel is just choking Gaza for fun, not providing free food, water and electricity to the terror town.

And this last line is something else:

"Both sides have used violence to protect themselves."

Moral equivalence nonsense. Self-defence versus terror and murder: one is not the same as the other.

But this video aligns with CBC's editorial policy of downplaying absolute terror and calling it by another name.

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