CBC publishes article extolling the benefits of sex work post-gender transition

In their search for 'compelling personal stories,' CBC First Person collaborated with 'soft activist' Eviah S. Obadiah-Wong to promote sex work as 'affirming'

CBC publishes article extolling the benefits of sex work post-gender transition
Facebook/ Eviah Obadia-Wong
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The op-ed, titled "After coming out as trans, my return to sex work has been unexpectedly rewarding" was penned by a biological male escort and artist, Eviah S. Obadia-Wong.

"He gave me one last pat on my butt, upwards with his palm as all the kinky sex books tell you to, though gentler than he'd been laying it on for the previous hour. More precisely, the last hour and 20 minutes. My smartwatch had given me little silent taps since our time ran out, but he wanted to cuddle afterwards."

The recently divorced Obadia-Wong notes the cost of living in BC and a return to graduate studies as precipitating factors for a return to the escort industry, although this time Obadiah-Wong notes that no longer presenting in "boy mode" has been a confidence booster.

"I see my body’s value as more than transactional....The interest in my new body felt affirming."

Despite falling on hard times, Obadiah-Wong has an apparent entrepreneurial streak, planning to sell photos and paywalled content on "fan sites" for extra income.

"Though I started writing this piece thinking I was ready to move on from sex work, the more I dive into it, the more I realize how fulfilling it is. Sex work is a part of me and, for better or worse, it's made me the bold, radical, weird and wild queer person I'm so proud to be. I'm not at all sure what my future will look like, but I'm grateful for everything sex work has taught me about appreciating myself, and for the many people who've been so kind in appreciating the whole of me, body and all, along the way."

According to CBC's bio of Obadia-Wong, "Eviah Shimshon Obadia-Wong (she/they) is a B.C.-based writer using the principles of soft activism to advocate for the communities that they are connected to by her intersectional identity as a queer, neurodiverse and mixed-race person."

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