WATCH: Charges FALL as pandemic protesters expose SHOCKING abuse of power

Protesters continue to struggle with legal battles.

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Charges against several individuals involved in a 2021 pandemic protest in Melbourne have been dropped, leaving a trail of injustice and confusion.

Nick Patterson, one of the accused, gives me an update about his shocking experience, shedding light on the abuse of power by law enforcement.

I've been bringing you this story since the May 2021 incident when a peaceful protest in Melbourne's CBD turned chaotic.

Nick, along with the rest of the group, were issued a move-on order by the police. Following compliance, they were violently accosted near their cars. Nick's friend Jay was punched, and chaos ensued as the group tried to defend their friend.

According to Nick, they were herded and harassed by what he called "storm troopers," the public order response team.

Despite their attempts to maintain calm, the situation escalated, leading to violent assaults and Nick's subsequent imprisonment for a month, all based on what he says are false charges.

Nick's case is not isolated. Others, including his friend Sam, faced similar ordeals. Despite the charges being dropped, the toll on the accused has been immense. They have been dragged through the legal system, faced financial strain, and endured threats and coercion to plead guilty to unrelated charges.

Nick says his story unveils a deeper problem – a system that seems incompetent at self-investigation. His account highlights the struggles faced by those seeking justice against a backdrop of governmental corruption and police brutality.

With charges dropped, questions arise about the validity of the state of emergency declared during the protest and the lack of transparency in the legal proceedings.

Despite the mainstream media's silence, these individuals continue their fight for justice.

Nick encourages people to follow his case on his website,, and through his Telegram channel,

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  • By Avi Yemini

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  • By Avi Yemini

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