WATCH: Anti-lockdown protester says he's being MALICIOUSLY prosecuted

Nick Patterson's legal battle continues despite more obstacles.

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Nick Patterson, a familiar face to Rebel News viewers, says authorities are maliciously trying to bankrupt him in his ongoing legal battle against charges stemming from an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne.

Patterson was arrested during a demonstration against government overreach two years ago. Despite having other charges dropped, Patterson continues to fight for freedom, facing numerous obstacles along the way.

He said that the prosecution has changed three times, with the latest prosecutor citing being too occupied with another case as the reason for not proceeding.

Frustratingly, despite his claims of the lack of evidence, the charges against him persist. Patterson believes that authorities are intentionally prolonging the process, using it as a punitive measure to drain his resources and induce stress.

The legal proceedings have been riddled with complications. Initially, a trial was scheduled for June 1st, prompting Patterson to make arrangements for accommodation for his out-of-state lawyers.

However, just days after the bookings were made, he was informed that there was no judge or prosecutor available.

During a mention hearing, the new judge informed Patterson that due to time constraints, the trial would be further adjourned until August 28th. 

Patterson says he's still awaiting a final trial date after being told that the informant, who had brought the charges against him, is now going away on holiday, meaning the trial would further adjourned again.

When Patterson raised concerns about the expenses incurred for the previously booked accommodation, the judge refused to provide reimbursement, adding to his frustrations.

Patterson emphasised that he does not expect equal treatment as a political dissident in a system that he says lacks a true separation of powers.

To stay updated on Nick's case and its ongoing developments, visit his website, and his Telegram channel at

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