WATCH: Anti-lockdown protester WINS court battle as police admit mistake

Nick Patterson achieves victory as police acknowledge error in charges against him.

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Victoria Police have admitted to charging Melbourne man Nick Patterson incorrectly, resulting in a significant win.

Nick was convicted of obstructing or hindering an authorised officer, a charge stemming from an incident in April 2020 at the height of Victoria's strict pandemic enforcement.

Despite presenting a strong defence, he was convicted and fined.

Undeterred, he applied for a judicial review in the Supreme Court.

While the review is scheduled for May 12, the police solicitor has already conceded that the charges were invalid and will not offer any defence.

Nick's determination has not only brought him closer to justice, but he says it has also equipped him with valuable knowledge about the legal system, which he plans to use to help others in similar situations.

Initially, the police were content with Nick's conviction and fine, even though the charges were later found to be baseless.

As he points out, it is not easy to undertake a judicial review due to the extensive paperwork and financial resources required. Many people in the magistrate's court may be convicted of similar offences, but with a good technical argument and proof of mismanagement, it is possible to achieve positive results in the Supreme Court.

Nick's journey has been a challenging one, but he has remained steadfast in his pursuit of justice. His partner is proud of his resilience and determination, as many others might have given up under similar circumstances.

Nick said that the case has taken a toll on him and his loved ones, but noted that the recent development brings hope and validation.

The admission of error has implications not only for Nick's case but also for others who may have been wrongly convicted.

His case is just one example of the ongoing fight against injustice. Rebel News' Fight The Fines campaign is dedicated to supporting individuals in their legal battles, and Nick's victory serves as a reminder of the power of perseverance.

This David and Goliath story demonstrates that it is possible to win against the odds when one refuses to back down. Nick's journey is far from over, but his recent victory is an important step forward. He is currently preparing for a trial in June, where he will face assault charges. If you are interested in following Patterson's ongoing battle, updates can be found at and on his Telegram channel at

As the mainstream media may not cover this story, it is crucial for supporters to share the news far and wide, ensuring that victories like Patterson's are not overshadowed by the dominant narrative.

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