WATCH: Christian activist leads fight against antisemitism across Australia

Freya Leach sheds light on the urgent need to confront rising antisemitism in Australia and the importance of solidarity between Christians and Jews in combating hatred and prejudice.

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A pro-Israel Christian activist is spearheading efforts to address the alarming surge of antisemitism in Australia.

In a powerful interview, Freya Leach highlighted the profound threat that antisemitism poses to Australia's core values of tolerance, peace, and cohesion.

Freya stressed that antisemitism is not just a Jewish issue but a fundamental challenge to the fabric of Australian society. She underscored the importance of defending Judeo-Christian values and standing in solidarity with the Jewish community against hate and racism.

She is leading the 'Never Again is Now,' initiative, dedicated to countering antisemitism and promoting peace. She is passionately advocating for Christians to take a stand against injustice, citing their indebtedness to the Jewish people and the imperative of upholding biblical values.

Freya recounted a harrowing experience where her father, an Anglican minister, faced violent threats while waving an Israeli flag at a pro-Palestine rally. This incident, occurring just days after a deadly October 7 terror attacks in Israel, exemplified the urgent need to confront antisemitic sentiments pervading Australian society.

Addressing concerns about rising anti-Israel sentiment, Freya refuted misconceptions and highlighted the importance of supporting Israel's fight against terrorism.

She urged Australians to recognise the broader implications of antisemitism and reject divisive narratives that seek to undermine solidarity with the Jewish community.

In response to challenges and potential risks, Freya remained resolute, asserting that fear should not deter individuals from standing up for justice and human rights.

She called on Australians to unite against hate and participate in the upcoming 'Never Again is Now' event on February 18 in Sydney to demonstrate solidarity and demand action from policymakers.

Frey's unwavering determination underscored the necessity of collective action in combating antisemitism and upholding Australia's values of inclusivity and mutual respect.

A second event is scheduled for March 3 in Adelaide, while Freya indicated that more events were planned to be held in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.

For more information on upcoming events and how to support the cause, visit


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