WATCH: Christian WARNS of The West's failure to maintain traditional values

Dave Pellowe speaks on the importance of upholding Judeo-Christian values ahead of the 2-day annual Church and State summit.

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Christian writer and commentator Dave Pellowe has issued a clarion call for the preservation of Judeo-Christian values, highlighting the urgent need for Christians to return to orthodoxy and uphold the foundational principles that have shaped Australia's identity.

In a frank interview, Dave highlighted the critical role of such values in maintaining societal order and prosperity.

"It is our foundations," Pellowe asserted, cautioning against any assault on these principles, which he warned would lead to destruction and anarchy.

He underscored the responsibility of the Christian Church to serve as "salt and light" in society, and the importance of church's role in preserving truth and guiding cultural development.

He called upon Christians to actively engage in the public square and defend their beliefs, echoing the sentiment that complacency only fuels societal decay.

Addressing the upcoming annual Church and State Summit in Brisbane, Dave expressed enthusiasm for the event's focus on informing and empowering attendees.

With a lineup of over 30 speakers and topics ranging from Israel to the challenges facing modern Christianity, he spoke of the summit's significance in fostering dialogue and understanding.

Highlighting the alarming rise of antisemitic sentiments and the alliance between the radical left and Islamists, Dave stressed the importance of standing firm against such ideologies.

He warned against compromising core beliefs in the face of societal pressures, advocating for a return to 'un-wokeified gospel'' and orthodox teachings.

Among the notable speakers at the summit is the UK's Father Calvin Robinson, known for his staunch defence of traditional values and his criticism of modern feminism.

Dave commended Robinson's courage in challenging prevailing narratives, urging denominational leaders to resist conformity and remain true to their faith.

The Church and State Summit is open to the public with both in-person forums and free live-streaming of the sessions. For further information and ticket details, visit

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