Close to 100 Canadian churches burned and/or vandalized since false unmarked grave claim

Canada’s political leaders are staying quiet as Christian churches continue to be burned or vandalized across the country.

Close to 100 Canadian churches burned and/or vandalized since false unmarked grave claim
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According to a recently updated incident map from True North, at least 96 churches have now been burned, vandalized or destroyed in Canada since the spring of 2021.

The attacks on the mostly Catholic, Christian places of worship began to rise like never before after the Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation’s May 27, 2021 press release, which claimed they had discovered "the remains of 215 children who were students" buried at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School.

While not every single church fire that followed the since-debunked claim was an arson, incidents like Calgary seeing 10 churches targeted in a single day, and vandals smearing phrases like "Where are the children" and "If you hurt and/or kill kids, [you] should be burned alive" on church walls made it clear: Christian places of worship in Canada are under attack.

Perhaps equally as shocking were the political forces that offered justifications for the Christophobic attacks, such as the country’s so-called Catholic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who stated he understood the anger "against institutions like the Catholic Church," while refusing to call the mass church attacks out for what they are: acts of hate.

It’s plausible that that sort of influential "understanding," coupled with state-choice media’s refusal to be transparent about recent unmarked grave claims uncovering nothing nefarious after excavation, and that not a single body was actually discovered at the former Kamloops residential school, has contributed to hate crimes against Catholics catapulting upwards in the past few years along with the continuation of church attacks today.

After all, how easy is it for hateful individuals fuelled by ignorance and misinformation to remain misguided and uninformed when, just as recently as last May, we saw members of Parliament unanimously rise to partake in a moment of silence for the discovery that never was. More recently, NDP MP Leah Gazan and Liberal-appointed special interlocutor Kimberly Murray are now seeking to criminalize the questioning of residential school misinformation as "hate speech."

One thing is for certain: Rebel News will not be deterred from reporting on the truth and on the continued attacks against churches in Canada. We were the first to get our boots on the ground at the former Kamloops residential school to ask the questions that should have been asked about the sensational 215 buried kids claim.

A year later, we followed up with an investigative documentary, which you can watch here for free, exposing why the claim isn’t true.

If you appreciate that Rebel News has worked hard to bring you facts on this important Canadian issue, then consider chipping in toward the cost to bring you such coverage by making a donation here.

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