Colin Krieger is the new leader of Canada's Maverick Party

Krieger believes that only an exclusively Western party will truly be able to advocate for Western interests.

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On May 14, Colin Krieger was elected leader of the Maverick Party, so Rebel News spoke with him to talk Western representation, Western autonomy and his plans for the party moving forward.

The Maverick Party brands itself as an uncompromising proponent of what is best for the west. To the east, federal parties like the Bloc Québécois have been extremely effective in obtaining preferential treatment for their interests, the Maverick Party very much hopes to do the same for provinces not named Ontario or Quebec.

We asked Krieger about the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race and how it has seen an ostensible shift towards being pro-freedom, pro-trucker, pro-oil and gas, etc. and a resurgence in public interest and perhaps even public faith in that party since the departure of Erin O’Toole, and whether he believed any of his party’s membership were flirting with a return to the federal Conservatives.

Krieger, and many others who have aligned themselves with the Maverick Party, believe that based on the current electoral system, only an exclusively Western Canadian party will even truly be able to advocate for the west.

We talked about the prospect of separation for Alberta, and how the Maverick Party, as a federal party, would deal with a province wishing to secede from Canada.

Krieger shared his party’s plans to restore Western autonomy and self-determination within Canada and broke down the short and long terms goals required to do so. We also discussed Jason Kenney’s recent announcement that he was resigning as leader of the United Conservative Party and talked about the type of person Alberta needs to progress and move forward.

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