Convoy supporters: 'This is how you beat the globalists — with love'

Supporters of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa react to the police's 'surge and contain' strategy.

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Last Friday morning, the Ottawa Police Service announced that they were going to employ an initiative against the Freedom Convoy and their supporters, something they called a “surge and contain” strategy.

It seemed to many observers that law enforcement was about to flex its muscles and somehow shut down the Ottawa protest.

Alas, it looks like when it comes to the Ottawa Police Service, its bark is worse than its bite (not that demonstrators are complaining, mind you.)

In any event, there was no “surge” by law enforcement; there was no “containment.”

Indeed it's business as usual in Ottawa when it comes to the protest: big rigs are everywhere in the downtown core — and if you’re in an area of the city where you can’t see them, rest assured you can certainly hear them.

But despite tough talk from certain Liberal MPs and members of law enforcement, it is becoming clear to us that the truckers are in Ottawa for as long as they want to be.

Indeed, Ottawa police are now saying that they simply do not have the resources to shut down this protest. So much for “surge and contain.”

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