Correctional Service bureaucrat “wracked up air miles” while prisoners released due to COVID-19

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While the federal government was telling Canadians the coronavirus pandemic was too dangerous for convicted violent criminals behind bars, a federal prison system bureaucrat was flying high and wracking up the air miles.

Today’s story is a great example of the “do as I say, not as I do” mentally that infects nearly every single thing in the federal government.

And it comes to us from behind Blacklock’s Reporter’s paywall:

Expenses including more than $30,000 to maintain a furnished suite by the month in Saskatoon.

“Ms. Gratton’s primary residence is in Montréal,” said the Correctional Service’s Dash. “She was on a long term work assignment in Saskatoon as the regional deputy commissioner for the Prairie region.”

“In order to perform the duties related to her temporary work assignment, Ms. Gratton leased an apartment from a Saskatoon apartment building complex with units dedicated to individuals on long term travel status,” said Dash. The Correctional Service would not identify Gratton’s temporary residence but denied it was a hotel.

Expenses for the suite included $8,293 billed after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered Canadians to stay home as a pandemic precaution.”

But this story is more than just a federal bureaucrat jaunting around the country and racking up expenses well after the rest of us were told to stay home because apparently the pandemic made normal life too dangerous.

I mean, these people have two sets of rules: one for them, one for us and it comes from the top down. As Trudeau was telling everyone else to stay home and isolate from their loved ones, he crossed provincial borders into Quebec to spend the Easter long weekend with his family. 

There is an extra layer of madness here:

This galavanting prison official from Quebec was traveling all over the West in the midst of the pandemic while the same prison system she works for was releasing violent offenders because the pandemic made it too unsafe for them to be in behind bars.

If it was too unsafe in prison for these goons to be behind bars, it was too unsafe for Gratton –who is in charge of the system that punishes these goons – to be going anywhere, especially on the taxpayer dime. But this is Canada in 2020.

We release the guilty for health reasons, and imprison the innocent and healthy under house arrest.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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