Counter-protester claims freedom fighters are white nationalists, but can’t back her claims – Rebel News confronts

As pro-freedom protesters were making their voices heard on Canada Day, an allegedly trans-woman counter-protester accused them of being white nationalists. Subsequently, Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume went to confront her, but she couldn’t utter anything coherent or provide proof to her accusations.

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On July 1, 2022, thousands of protesters gathered in downtown Ottawa to both celebrate Canada Day and protest against Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates. 

A sole counter-protester was on the scene. The individual, who we learned was supposedly a male who considers himself to be a woman, held a sign that read “White Nationalist Convention” throughout the afternoon.

The counter-protester implied that the protest was nothing more than a gathering of white nationalists. This was clearly not true and obvious to anyone paying attention to the diverse mix of people attending the protest.

Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume went to confront the individual.

“I just said f*** Rebel News, f*** Rebel News, that’s it,” the counter-protester uttered underneath a blue mask. After which William asked the reasoning behind this comment, only to be told that he shouldn’t expect any answer.

“I don’t think I need to [articulate my thoughts],” the protester continued. 

After the uninformed protester claimed that Rebel News’ content speaks for itself, William asked which exact content promotes white nationalism, racism and bigotry. 

Their answer? Hiding behind their filthy sign. 

The rest of the interaction went on basically the same way, without any accountability from the part of the person yelling profanities and attacking the integrity of peaceful individuals.

For the full interaction, watch the video above. And to support and see more of our coverage from Ottawa this past weekend, visit

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